Music by Leblanc Family Band

Wendell Verret – Tuesday, February 24, 2015
If Cajun music and dancing excites you, there is no better way to experience it than with the LeBlanc Family Band!  Twin fiddles and an acoustic guitar!  Together, Leiton, Buddy and Paige LeBlanc strive to keep Cajun Music alive!

Buddy and Paige (11 years old) started playing their musical instruments at the age of 6 and Leiton (13 years old) started playing at the age of 8.  They have played together for the last 6 years.
The LeBlanc Family Band has had the opportunity to play at various  festivals.  Some of their notable performances include:  Festivals Acadiens, The World Famous Crawfish Festival, Pepper Festival and Festival International de Louisiane and Festivals Acadiens et Creole, Festival of Lights in Lafayette, and St. Lucy’s Festival of Lights.  The Delcambre Market is proud to have them be a part of our market on March 7th, 2015.
When not at festivals, the LeBlanc Family Band can be heard at various local restaurants such as Pont Breaux’s Cajun Restaurant, Buck & Johnny’s, The Little Big Cup and Pimon Thai.  The LeBlanc Family Band proudly holds the title of Farm Bureau Junior Talent State Champs and other various talent competition titles.