Chef J. P. Outdoors Pork Medallions


1 lb pork tenderloin
1 Tbsp Pork dry rub
1 Tbsp TabascoⓇ Brand Sweet & Spicy Sauce

Cut 3 oz (~2-2.5” thick) medallions from pork tenderloin.
Mix dry rub and 1 Tbsp TabascoⓇ Brand Sweet & Spicy Sauce together and coat each pork medallion.
Place on grill preheated to 350 degrees and grill both sides until internal temperature is reached of 170 degrees.

Calories: 100
1.5 g Fat (.5g Saturated fat, 60mg Cholesterol.) 115mg Sodium. 0g Carbohydrates (0g Fiber, 0g Total sugar.) 19g Protein.

Lower Fat: Recipe is considered low-fat as is.
Lower Carbohydrate: Recipe contains 0g of carbohydrates as is.
Lower Sodium: Use salt-free dry rub to reduce sodium to 40mg.
Dairy-free: Recipe is dairy-free as is.
Gluten-free: Ensure dry rub seasoning is gluten-free.

October 24, 2022

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