From the Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce:

Support Louisiana Seafood

"We would like to take this opportunity to remind the citizens of Louisiana that our seafood industry is also comprised of many small businesses. These businesses are critical to the economies of our coastal parishes and coastal communities. With restaurants and bars closed, a lot of the retail buyers for these products are not operating.

We are encouraging people to buy seafood at their local farmer’s markets, grocery stores, and other retail food businesses … If any of our state/national partners are looking to support local business, please contact the LABEOC and we’ll share our list of seafood industry businesses in need."

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Be aware of Procurement and Consumer fraud of PPE. Click here for an update from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Click here for information relative to government information for commercial resource movement, CDLs, and size and weight measures with regard to transportation.

Please continue to support local businesses in any way that you can!

Click here for a list of local businesses that are still open.

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