This is a story that started with a craving. While Carrie Ann Reed was pregnant, she was satisfying a
serious craving for… chow chow. When the maker of her regular supply passed away, she began
searching for a replacement equally as good. Unsuccessful, she found a recipe and decided to make my
own. “I had so many taste-testers sampling that first batch that it was gone in no time,” says the
Abbeville native.
After receiving praise from family and friends for her chow chow, Carrie Ann (with a degree in Medical
Assisting and pregnant with her second child) decided, in 2011, to start selling at farmers’ markets and
become a stay-at-home mom.
Since then, she has expanded her offerings to over 30 different canned items, include the popular fire
and ice pickles, pickled beets and, of course, the sought-after chow chow. The pickled eggs are customer
favorites, especially her quail eggs which Carrie says sell out by 9:30 at the Delcambre market. “We raise
our own chickens, quails, and ducks, so the eggs are always fresh,” she says. Starting off with fresh
ingredients is important to Carrie.
Amidst an historical heat wave this summer – that had even cactus sweating out their survival – Carrie
Ann had good crops of figs, green beans, tomatoes, and peppers, all of which went into the makings of
her canned products. It was also a record year for okra, allowing her to sell over 100 pounds of the cut
raw gumbo condiment this year.
On the sweet side, Carrie Ann makes some 10 jellies and jams. Topping the requested list are her fig
preserves, made from her mother’s recipe, which she sold 15 gallons of this summer. “I’d get up early to
start cooking figs so as not to heat up the house,” she smiles. Among her pepper jellies – made with five
varieties of peppers – are flavors like pecan, cranberry, crab boil, Tabasco and – the best seller –
pineapple habanero.
And Carrie Ann says there’s one thing on her market table you won’t find elsewhere. “It’s my pickled
smoked sausage; no one else sells it. My husband was cooking with it one day, and I decided to pickle it,
and it was a hit from day one. That’s what I like about canning, that I can get creative with it; I like to try
new things. Every year I come up with four or five new items.”
Don’t overlook the dried dip mixes, including her fiesta, dill, French onion, and bacon. You just mix in
one cup of mayonnaise and one cup of sour cream, and you’re set for a party favorite.
The fall season brings MUCH welcomed cool weather and Carrie Ann’s popular cake balls that come in
eight different flavors. “They’re popular in Delcambre among children and adults, especially the Oreo,
original flavor, and peanut butter,” she maintains.
All of Carrie Ann’s products are made in her home kitchen, beginning in the morning after dropping off
her kids to school until it’s time to pick them up around 2:00. She prepares some 12 cases of a variety of
her most popular items for market days. “I have regular customers from Delcambre and New Iberia, but
also Youngsville, Lafayette and as far as Franklin,” she notes.
Carrie Ann attends three farmers markets a month but says the Delcambre Market, where she’s been a
vendor since 2016, is her favorite. “My mom is from Delcambre so I know a lot of the people there,” she

says. “There’s a big variety of vendors, so everyone is able to leave with something they like. And, I like
the seafood!”