Healthy Essentials- Simonne Thomas

Plant extracts have been used for medicinal purposes since ancient Egyptian and Roman times. Simonne Thomas learned their use, in the form of concentrated oils, when she had her own health issues.  “I got interested in doing things naturally for me, because I don’t like to take medicine,” says the now owner of Healthy Essentials, a distributor of dōTERRA essential oils. “I want everyone to feel like I do, so I share.”

And with a variety of over 100 oils, there’s a lot to share. “There’s an oil for almost every ailment,” Thomas assures.

Fall and winter bring respiratory problems, colds and flu, and she is ready with her arsenal of essential oils clients have come to rely on this time of year. On Guard (boosts the immune system and sanitizes); frankincense (provides cellular support); copaibia (promotes cellular regeneration and fights inflammation); eucalyptus (helps asthma suffers); Breathe (a best seller year-round that aids respiratory problems.)

Other best sellers, sold year-round, include lavender (promoting relaxation and sleep), Pastense (targeting migraines and shoulder tension) and Balance (easing anxiety.)

Thomas has more customer satisfaction stories than she can call to mind. “Once at a market, a lady cut her finger and I gave her a blend of helichrysum and lavender, and it stopped the blending,” she recalls.  In another example, she shares an email from a client who thanked her for the Breathe oil that helped clear her nasal passages making her able to “breathe so much better.”

According to Thomas, what distinguishes dōTERRA oils from the many others on the market is that they are sourced directly from where they’re grown. “They are distilled and made in Utah and shipped to me,” she explains.

This year saw the introduction of a sun screen, the MetaPWR Collagen Peptides supplements, for boosting the metabolism and curving sugar cravings. Collagen for hair, skin and nails. It’s a marine collagen.  hand wash, toothpaste, mouthwash – even a laundry detergent with the On Guard essence in it.

Thomas has been a vendor at the Delcambre Seafood & Farmers Market for six years now, after she began making some of her own products from some of the same oils that have worked so well for her clients. Her hand soap is especially popular this time of year; her hair perfumes smell divine and are not drying to hair; what she calls her liquid Xanax (to promote sleep) has a large following; and then there are her yummy cookies flavored with just a few drops of lemon, wild orange, vanilla or cinnamon oil.

Business has been good for Thomas, who left a stressful job to sell dōTERRA oils and her products full-time, including the first Saturday of each month at the Delcambre Market. “I like the people and that it’s a hometown event,” says the Delcambre resident. “I like the products and the vendors – they’re awesome. It’s a high traffic market, so business is good!

In gearing up for the holidays, she is making sure she has an inventory for her popular customized gift baskets. “Going on a client’s budget, needs, likes and favorite smells, I can put together oils, lotions, soaps, shampoos and conditioner – I can tell them the combination they need,” she says.