Josh DeVille’s curiosity for the inner workings of all things electric began at six when he would take apart electronic games he’d receive at Christmas to check them out before putting them back together. “My mom would get bad,” he recalls. “I still do that today; I’ll take a new tv apart to see the quality of the work and how it was built.” Except now he gets paid to take electronics apart.

The Delcambre native has accumulated some 27 years hands-on experience in trouble-shooting electronics, including time at PHI Avionics, repairing electronic components of the aircrafts’ navigation systems. “Anything electronics I can pretty much fix,” confirms Josh who opened Tronics in 2018. Located on Highway 14 in Delcambre, Tronics provides repair of cell phones, computers, tablets as well as game consoles.

A large part of Josh’s work is making phone repairs – of all sorts. As the newest models have come out, he’s enjoyed the challenge of mastering their repair, and since opening his business that has added up to some 5,000 phones. “I’ll get a lot of phones dropped in water, especially in the summer, and a good many that dropped in toilets,” he notes. “The back pocket is one of the worst places to put a phone for that reason, but also in the case of the older models, like the iPhone 6, it can actually bend the phone after a couple of months and break the components of the circuit board.”

Living less than a block from his store has proven to be convenient in more ways than one for Josh. “If anyone needs any emergency repair, I can be at the store after hours in less than a minute,” he assures. “I had a helicopter pilot who broke his phone while doing preflight checks before taking off for the day.  He was late for work so he didn’t have time to jump in his truck and bring me the phone. So, he called me up, told me his situation and asked if it was possible to land a helicopter at my shop.  I really didn’t have a place to land there, but I had an open area in my back yard.  So, he landed there and dropped his phone off to me to be repaired, and picked it up when he was on to his next job location.”

You can understand why customers come to Tronics from Kaplan, Duson and as far as 50 miles away for that kind of loyalty – and honesty. As Josh adds, “If a repair cost more than the device is worth, I’ll tell them. I don’t look at it as just a repair, I want to get to know the customer.”

Customers can also find phone accessories like Apple watchbands, bumpers and charging components as well as popular brand phone cases, including Nimbus9, Pelican and ITSKINS.

Josh does a good business selling [unopened] preowned phones, as well as prepaid plans for track phones, AT & T, Cricket and Simple Mobile.

One of his newest services  is 24-hour virus protection monitoring. “Our security software will send an alert to the store to let me know a customer is being hacked,” explains Josh. “Sometimes I’m able to correct the problem remotely.”

A desire to give back to his community by bringing his tech services was the driving force behind  establishing Tronics in Delcambre. “Coming from a small town where everyone is family oriented, I like to be close to my family, but I also wanted to continue being part of the community and help the town,” says Josh, who also supports the local high school and fire department.