Wooden Things by MKF

Long-time woodworker Michael Falcon began carving in his 20s with the guidance of his father, who carved cypress swings and chairs. For the past two decades, you might say Michael has gone against the grain, turning wooden bowls instead, and has become really proficient in the last three years, since his retirement. Don’t underestimate the name he’s given to his side gig, Wooden Things by MKF, Michael’s wooden pieces are keepsakes.

Repurposing wood from old barns or trees that have fallen from storm winds or killed by lightning, Michael turns bowls made of cypress, cedar, different oaks, and camphor. At times, he’ll incorporate exotic woods like black ebony, zebra, and cocobolo gotten online but says, “Much of that wood is already treated and is pricey.”

For Michael, the process of making wooden bowls never gets old. After carefully selecting the pieces of a tree to highlight, he checks the moisture content with a meter. In the metal shop near his home, he puts the wood on the lathe to get a rough shape, then with a bowl gauge he leans his body into shaping the inside of the bowl. After sanding (with a variety of sanders to choose from) the wood is polished with a mix of bees wax and mineral oil. Some woods like cedar and camphor maintain their natural aroma.

The designs are simple, showcasing the wood’s natural grains and imperfections, so each one is truly unique. His pieces are down-to-earth and can be passed down from generation to generation.

That includes his walking canes, which are functional works of art in themselves, made from hard woods like cedar and oak and accented with walnut and zebra wood handles.  

Market goers can also find platters for fruit, or lazy Susans, vessels for trinkets, bottle stoppers, pepper grinders, salt cellars, bottle openers, hot pot stands, and vases.

Like most woodcarvers, Michael says he enjoys working with his hands and adds, “It keeps me from sitting in front of the TV.”

The Erath native has been coming to the Delcambre market since 2018 after retiring as an electrician on a drilling rig in Saudi Arabia.